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We are an agency dealing with presentation design. We design transparent and attractive
and convincing presentations.
We also provide advanced PowerPoint training and presentation skills.
We use our visual storytelling skills to create effective eLearning and explainer videos using creative graphics and animations.


won't believe

that slides they can

look like so amazing

Prezentacja biznesowa
What we do

We do real miracles in PowerPoint - you won't believe what slides can look like!

We are experts in the most innovative presentation app. Meet her power!

We create presentations for webinars (training, sales, marketing) in PowerPoint.

It's best to learn from practitioners! Thanks to us, over 1,500 people have learned to create professional presentations.

Expaliner video, motion design, fair presentations, advanced animations or whatever you need

Design training in PowerPoint
  • Basics of visualization in a presentation

  • Slide composition

  • Flow in the presentation

  • Accelerate your work in PowerPoint

  • Designing financial slides

  • Creation of marketing and sales slides

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19 lipiec 2022

Templates and graphics
We are proud that we could
cooperate with amazing Clients

A few sample slides

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Fading Colours

Why is it worth having a professional multimedia presentation?

The modern world is undoubtedly based on multimedia. Image, sound, animation or video make it easier to convey information, attract the attention of the audience or even convince the recipient to be right. It should therefore not be surprising that multimedia presentations are so popular, the main task of which is to expand the classic spoken message.

Of course, it is worth emphasizing at this point that currently the possibilities of programs designed to create professional presentations - such as PowerPoint or Prezi, are very large and allow you to place various elements, such as: photos, graphics, charts, texts, videos, animations or sound. All this allows to obtain very interesting and engaging material that can become an attractive addition to a lecture, business talks or simply a modern and interactive commercial offer.

Multimedia presentations for business - order them from us!

Certainly, multimedia presentations can turn out to be extremely useful for any company or institution. Currently, the mere fact of having a presentation does not impress anyone anymore, because simple material can be prepared by anyone! The key to the effectiveness of a business presentation is really professional execution of the whole, including both an interesting general idea, good graphic design and full use of the possibilities of the programs. Therefore, it is worth using the help of our company, presente design. We can boast of many years of experience in creating professional company presentations, and the list of our clients already includes over 300 companies from Poland and abroad.

Importantly, we try to approach each order as creatively and flexibly as possible to obtain a perfect effect that will both appeal to the client and interest the recipients. We have in mind the purpose of a professional business presentation, which is to strengthen the offer or message of your company, which is to result in successful negotiations or an increase in sales. In addition, for those interested, we organize specialized trainings that allow you to use the full potential of Prezi and PowerPoint.

We invite you to cooperation!

We are two-time winners of the Prezi of the Year Award. This award is given by Prezi user communities around the world.

* we send a sample of our presentations in ppsx. and Prezi format

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