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We offer Prezi Next closed trainings for organized groups, conducted at the place and time chosen by the client. The program and level (basic or advanced) are adapted to the individual needs of employees. Each participant receives exercise materials, a training diploma and two ready-made Prezi templates to choose from.

We spend 90% of our training time designing various presentations. We work on materials dedicated to you (if you are a food company, our materials are adapted to such topics), but we also carry out such training on the client's materials.


  • Analysis of needs among training participants

  • Adaptation of materials and scope to the client's needs based on the client's visual identity

  • Professional training

  • Exercise materials

  • Training scripts in PDF form

  • Training diplomas

  • The possibility of consultation after the training up to 1 month after the end of the training in the form of telephone, up to 3 months after the end of the training in the form of email


The training is conducted by practitioners who work with the Prezi program on a daily basis.

85% of training time is Prezi exercises and design. During the first and second day of training, participants design 6 to 10 presentations depending on the group's advancement. All Prezi Next application tools are extensively presented and recorded while performing tasks. After the training, each participant can start designing their own presentation in Prezi Next.

The Prezi Next training allows you to acquire the knowledge needed to create your own presentations from beginning to end. After the training, the listener should create their own presentation templates, enter information such as text, photos, videos, graphics, diagrams, charts, etc., modify photos for the purposes of the presentation, and use the Prezi Next application during the presentation.


Day 1

HI AND Exercises with the Prezi Next tools

• What is Prezi Next - nonlinear systems

• Prezi Next accounts and licenses

• Navigation in the Prezi Next environment

• Template setting and background customization

• Adding text, hyperlinks, formatting options

• Work with images and shapes

• Embedding and converting video for use in Prezi Next

• Inserting existing files into Prezi Next

• Work with frames and path

• Work with music

• Inviting co-editors to the presentation

• Download, embed and share Prezi Next

• Power Point conversion in Prezi Next

• Presenting Prezi Next


Additional information about Prezi's advanced training:

We conduct closed training at a predetermined date for organized groups as well as individual classes.

We often work directly on clients' presentations, but we always have prepared training materials dedicated to you.


Why should you order training from us?


Our main activity is designing presentations on behalf of clients. We make approx. 100 presentations a year for clients from various industries and for various occasions, which is why the knowledge we transfer is 100% tested and used every day in our studio.

The training lasts 1 day / 5 hours

Cost: PLN 450 net (23% VAT)


Computer: We assume that each participant comes with his own computer



26/03/2020 Warsaw

07/05/2020 Warsaw

Presente design has trained our design team at Prezi. It took us to another dimension. From today no boring presentations!

I definitely recommend it!

- Marek Paśka, Marketing Director Poland, Octapharma

Training inquiry


Thank you for your message!

We have taught many companies how to use Prezi:

Presente design has carried out the Prezi training service, which has been highly rated, both in terms of the amount of knowledge transferred and the benefits of the quality of the training (...) we are pleased with the cooperation with presente design as a reliable and reliable partner.

- Murielle Wiśniewski, Director of training and recruitment departments, PREVOIR

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