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During the whole day of the workshop, participants will be engaged in various tasks and exercises, during which they will learn the methods and ways of designing presentations. The workshop is not about initial PowerPoint learning. Here, participants will learn how to use the visual sense to represent their own thoughts through slides. During the workshop, the rules of creating slides will be reviewed and practical exercises will be performed at each stage. Participants will learn how to apply these principles in practice. In closed training, we try to work on slides similar to the visual identification of the client.


Rocznie wykonujemy około 150 prezentacji z różnych branż. Mamy spory wgląd w to co działa i podoba się widzom. Na tej bazie wypracowaliśmy metodologię szkolenia w formie intensywnych warsztatów podczas których uczymy przede wszystkim nowych schematów używania PowerPoint oraz zasad wizualizowania zgodne

z obecnymi trendami. 

Szkolimy około 50-60 firm rocznie. Napisz do nas zapytanie, wyślemy rekomendacje oraz opinie naszych Klientów. 

We will speed up the work
in PowerPoint by up to

PowerPoint is a tool used by over 500M people every day, everyone knows it to some extent and uses it in their own way.

In this module, we focus more on using PowerPoint effectively. It covers a variety of topics related to the speed of creating a slide while showing you the useful features, tricks, and tools of PowerPoint.


Before the training, the participant should know PowerPoint at the basic level.

for whom

The module is recommended for each participant who comes into contact with presentations in their work. Regardless of the industry in which the participant works or experience in data visualization.

theory and practice


Basics of visualization

To better present your ideas and projects, it's important to know how our minds perceive information. Only by understanding this can we come up with solutions to decode complex information in a simple and nice way.

In this module, we learn the basic principles of design and methods of creating graphics, infographics, charts, diagrams, the use of photos and other visualizations that will help visualize an idea or concept.


Before the training, the participant should know the basics of PowerPoint and be able to add texts and photos, create charts, tables, etc., create simple presentations.

for whom

For people from sales, marketing, HR, finance, administration and other departments. Regardless of the industry in which the participant works or experience in data visualization.

theory and practice


Advanced animations

Animations are a part of PowerPoint shrouded in myths that we will try to deal with and show the good side of animation and transitions between slides. We increase the flow of presentation, connect slides and give presentation dynamics.

During this module, we will learn the principles of animation, best practices, how to combine different styles and tools, when and how to use appropriate animations, how to use ZOOM animations (known from Prezi) in PowerPoint and Morph.


Before the training, the participant should be familiar with PowerPoint animations at the basic level.

for whom

Participants performing a presentation at conferences, fairs, public speaking, summaries, strategies or announcing the company's results. Regardless of the industry in which the participant works or experience in data visualization.

theory and practice


Presentations with a lot of data

This module is designed for intermediate PowerPoint users and transforming them into consultant level experts.

We will learn the rules of constructing presentations in order to present complex issues, projects, investments and reports. We will rely on the Pyramid Method and STOP tools (Sequential Thematic Organization of Publications).

These types of presentations are suitable for reading and self-study.


Before the training, the participant should already know the basics of PowerPoint and be able to add texts and photos, create charts, tables, etc., create simple presentations

for whom

Participants for whom PowerPoint is one of the most frequently used presentation tools with a large amount of data, charts, reports, summaries, slides for self-study, summaries, presentations for the board.

theory and practice




The price depends on the selected training modules and the number of training participants. Modules can be freely selected and adapted to the group of participants.


  • Analysis of the needs of the participants

  • Preparation of materials for tasks based on the customer's visual identification

  • Professionally conducted training

  • Exercise materials

  • Training completion certificates

  • Additional materials in the form of graphics, diagrams and PowerPoint plug-ins


The training is conducted online via the Zoom or Teams platform. Before the training, we meet the participants to get to know each other and check the participants' expectations. Based on the interview, we prepare materials and exercises that also take into account visual identification and the specificity of the client's industry.

The training may be divided into several days. Sample division of 6-hour training:

  • Day 1: 2h

  • Day 2: 2h

  • Day 3: 2h

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Adam Stachowski

presente design founder, creator, graphic designer, trainer, passionate about new technologies. He has been associated with presentations since 2009 as one of the first users and tester of new functionalities at PREZI.

Participant of the annual meetings of PREZI users during the "PREZI DAY"

in Amsterdam and New York. He learned about presentation design from the best international trainers such as Nancy Duarte, founder of - the world's largest presentation design agency, during training in San Francisco USA, and Garr Reynolds, author of the blog, during training at Paris.

He uses his knowledge, experience and skills in designing presentations when making presentations for the largest Polish companies

and international as well as design training.

During his professional career, he had the opportunity to train since 2010, among others :

AEGON, Trynity, InPost, Grafton, HRK, Liberty Direct, Adampol, Maspex, Toyota, ING, KPMG, Wrigley, Orange, Colgate Palmolive, Budimex, HBO, DUON, Sitech, SEAT, Orbis, Elektrotim, WCTT, ASSECO, KGHM, PGNiG, PZU and many others.

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