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Explainer Videos are videos that tell the customer about our product or service in an easy and vivid way. This form of communication was created in response to the information overload crisis that we have been observing for recent years - we receive key information in a way that is not burdensome and respectful of our time. Explainer Video is extremely effective in a world where a variety of messages compete for our attention. This is a new quality in the world of information transfer.

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explainer video-

what is this?

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with powerpoint

to explainer video


The whole process is not complicated and is based on a few key steps. First you need to create a presentation and in the conceptual part it is worth bearing in mind that it will eventually be transformed into a film form. Therefore, we have to use mainly slogans and images, resigning from overloading the slides with texts / content for the sake of legibility and ease of reading. Additionally, we can use a teacher who will add some information. Properly selected animations will also help to focus the attention of the recipient. It should be light and legible. Such a presentation can be translated into film language - e.g. cut long pieces, add background music, etc.

examples of implementation

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