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Do you often ask yourself questions: why do I need a presentation in Prezi? Why should I use the new tool if I am great at creating PowerPoint presentations? Why should I think about the structure and strategy of arranging elements in Prezi? When we look closer, however, it turns out that there are at least a few reasons why you should consider the topic of Prezi presentation design.

Why is it worth it to

use Prezi


Roman castle


Symonides of Keos came up with an interesting method, later called mnemotechnics, consisting of storage

information in memory and referring to it at any time. It was a unique way to effectively remember and recall desired information.


These methods developed and took various forms and names. One of them is the Roman castle. This method consisted of imagining a castle full of chambers and rooms, and in them characteristic furniture, chairs, tables, fireplaces and other objects. Information was appropriately associated with the selected element (object in this object). If a person using this technique was to bring up some information, they wandered to the castle, then to the appropriate chamber, and then to the specific object.

It is a method of associations, and objects that store information are commonly called hooks :) If we think about a given object, i.e. a hook, we automatically recall the necessary information. Interestingly, our mind is so flexible that it can remember an infinite number of such hooks. Currently, you can use different variants of this method and arrange elements in our office, apartment, shopping mall or airport.


Returning to Prezi, let's imagine that our presentation in Prezi is a castle in which we design chambers and embed information that we subsequently reveal by zooming in and out of the camera. If we think over the structure of the presentation earlier, give it a characteristic shape, we have a very good chance that every important information in our presentation will be associated with the appropriate element of the audience. The effect is as follows: the viewer will be able to think back to a specific element of the presentation at any time and thus recall specific information. Because are we not here to let the audience remember us?






Streets full of buildings

Nowadays we have few castles :) We live in blocks, villas, houses. And in everyday life we ​​move around apartments, offices, halls, shops, we drive cars and fly planes.

Spaces are our everyday life, which is why Prezi is so natural to us. In addition to the large canvas on which we can arrange our materials and information, we can also use the third dimension, which allows you to zoom in and out anywhere in our presentation.


Hey people, focus ...

Comparing PowerPoint and Prezi, we can find many pros and cons in these two presentation design tools. I have already described the comparison of these tools and can be found here.

There is, however, something that convinces you to use Prezi - specifically to study audience focus. An experiment was conducted, based on which attempts were made to determine where the audience is directing their eyes. In the illustration below we can see the red color - eyesight focused for a long time, green and blue - eyesight focused for a short period of time.













Looking at the slide on the left (PowerPoint), we can see that the eyes are focused first on the left at the top, then they lower slightly, and then run all over the slide. Looking at the slide on the right, or the Prezi slide, we see that the focus is on the center of the slide, in the middle of the message we want to present. Rate yourself which is better for you.


It's time to end

I hope I got a little closer to the additional values ​​that Skilful use of Prezi brings. Aesthetic design of the presentation template and skilful embedding of information will make your presentation understand and remember for a long time.



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