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PowerPoint presentation like in Prezi? - new Zoom options!

You don't have to click the presentation in a linear way. PowerPoint's new Zoom feature lets you make spectacular transitions in your presentation - just like in Prezi! Presentations are more dynamic than ever, and the traditional first-to-last linear sequence is often very predictable. You need flexibility to display slides in a non-standard way. With the new PowerPoint Zoom feature, you can do this by customizing your presentation for a more flexible flow. Go from one slide to another wherever the conversation takes you. In this article, I will show you how Zoom allows you and your recipients to have better "flow" during presentations.

Power Point presentation

with the ZOOM effect

Zoom will improve the way you present your audience

The traditional presentation begins with the first slide and ends with the last slide. In contrast, Zoom lets you control where you go next. You can add section and slide links to any slide, or you can create a summary slide with several links. Zoom will not improve the presentation, but it will improve the way you present it to recipients.

Today's presentations must be a bit more dynamic. A little more exciting. With a few simple clicks, you can turn a boring presentation into a non-linear format, taking viewers on a journey to help them really get to your news.

How? Using the Slide Zoom tool in PowerPoint, you can create a simple but powerful animation that will make your presentation a step higher than the static slide transitions that we have all seen every time.

Regardless of whether you are using a PC or Mac, if you use Office 2019 or subscribe to Office 365, you can use the Zoom PowerPoint function.

There are two ways to use Zoom, but both start by building your presentation in the normal way. By normal I mean linear format, thanks to which all slides are normal arranged in the order we have done so far.

What I like the most is the Slide Zoom tool, which gives a lot more fun. Slide Zoom allows you to place any slides in the presentation on a pre-existing slide - base. You can click the slide, enlarge it, and then return to the slide - base.

The fun is to find unique ways to combine slides with the base slide, making the presentation more consistent.

Below are some examples of making presentations using Zoom:

How to use Slide Zoom to create animations in PowerPoint?

I would like to start by choosing a good background image. You can set it as a background image by choosing Format Background or any other image to zoom into.

  1. In my presentation I have a traditional slide with a map of Poland, which I would like to enlarge to specific provinces, let's assume the Mazowieckie and Pomorskie provinces.

  2. We make separate slides with graphics of the Mazowieckie and Pomorskie voivodships.

  3. Go from the Insert tab and then Zoom and select Slide zoom from the list

  4. We choose a slide from the list to which we want to zoom

  5. We put a thumbnail where we want to zoom on our base slide

  6. After clicking on a given thumbnail of the zoom, the Zoom option will appear in the tools at the top

In the options it is good to mark Back to zoom, which will return to the slide when you click in the slide show.

I would also like to select the Remove background option, which will make the zoom transparent, allowing it to be fully immersed in the base slide.

From here, I can change the size of the pie chart slide, skew it, move it and completely integrate it with the canvas slide.

In the demonstration video I showed how it might look.

Now that you are presenting in full screen and you are on the base slide, you can click on a province. PowerPoint

will fully enlarge the view, enabling conversation about a given province. When you're done, click and it will automatically zoom into the full workspace / base slide, allowing you to click and zoom on another slide.

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