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Companies and organizations often use business presentations as a means of selling an idea or product, for training purposes or to motivate audiences. Because many people can view presentations, the presenter should prepare and rehearse until he is sure that he is ready for the presentation.


business presentation

Several factors that determine the effectiveness of a presentation:

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Information in the presentation

Listeners want to learn basic information, such as ways to overcome obstacles, or learn trade tricks to improve performance or productivity. Good presentations leave viewers new information, often enlighten and open their eyes. The most useful presentations are often those that contain practical information that pertains to recipients, e.g. how to make cold calls or how to be a better manager . The most effective are often based on the presenter's direct experience, because providing information is then honest and true.


Inspiration in the presentation

It is important that the business presentation attracts the attention of the audience. A convincing presentation is nothing more than a lecture; contains elements of stories, full of conflicts, resolutions, anecdotes and lessons. To attract the attention of the audience, the presentation must also focus on the most important points from the very beginning - detachment from key issues causes a loss of influence.


Visually attractive presentation

The use of physical or visual props during a presentation also affects its impact on the audience. Screen projectors, slides, information materials, colorful posters, as well as the body language of the presenter, all this makes for a unique presentation. However, the effectiveness of props depends on their relevance to the information provided. The presenter should not focus on props; should use them as tools to help get a benchmark while focusing on key issues.


How to make contact with the audience?

Business presentations that are interactive and engage the audience - such as question and answer sessions, games, role plays and competitions containing small prizes - create an unforgettable experience connecting the presenter with the audience, as well as between members of the audience. The camaraderie generated by such activities helps to lead the overall message of the presentation. After all, the purpose of the presentation is to inform the audience in a way that also stimulates it.

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