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Pictures are one of the most used elements

in a PowerPoint presentation. It enriches the slide, visually conveys the information contained on the slide, emphasizes its importance and it could be exchanged for a long time. But..

To make the photo look better, we try to cut it to a circle, and here the problem arises, because often the photos are cropped in the wrong way and ellipses, eggs, flattening, slimming arise. You can immediately see that something is wrong on the slide. There is a way to do it and it is very easy to apply it so that the photos cut to the circle always look like a circle, without image distortion.


How can you cut the picture to the perfect circle in PowerPoint?

poresente powerpoint prezentacje jak doc
powerpoint prezentacja docinanie do kola
powerpoint prezentacja docinanie do kola

How to do it? Here are a few simple steps to get your picture

in PowerPoint it was cut as it should.


Step 1. Add a photo to your PowerPoint presentation




















Step 2. Double click on the picture, the Crop function will appear and a drop-down list will appear next to it


















Step 3. Expand the list and select the Aspect ratio function, then select 1: 1

Step 4. The photo should now be cut to the square

Step 5. Select the Trim function again and select: Trim to shape from the drop-down list, then select Ellipse



















Step 6. Done! You can now use this wheel for your purposes.

powerpoint prezentacja docinanie do kola
2020-03-30 (9).png

The view in the picture is not as framed as he wanted!


There may still be questions, what if we choose the 1: 1 aspect function and the view in the picture is not as framed as we would like?

Ok, then after choosing the 1: 1 ratio function, hold down the Shift key (all the time) and at the same time move the picture with the mouse to the right or left to select the appropriate frame.


It is important that the photo does not exceed the cropping area as in the photo beside, because our circle, which we will trim in the next step will have a flat, sharp edge.


powerpoint prezentacja docinanie do kola

If you liked this way, check out how to creatively use a photo cut to the circle in your presentation!

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