During the whole day of the workshop, participants will be involved in various tasks and exercises, during which they will learn methods and ways of designing presentations. The workshops do not concern the initial learning of PowerPoint. Here, participants will learn how to use the visual sense to present their own thoughts using slides. During the workshop, the rules for creating slides will be reviewed and practical exercises will be performed at each stage. Participants will learn how to apply these principles in practice.


PowerPoint training - Description of the workshop


Stage 1 - duration: 2h


Top 10 tools supporting slide readability. In the first part of the training, participants will learn how to quickly and effectively use the most commonly used PowerPoint tools to present content clearly and clearly.



Stage 2 - duration: 6h


At this stage, participants will learn how to apply design concepts to make the message clear and legible.

We learn 5 major mistakes in slide design and how to deal with them.

During this stage, we design approx. 20 different slides to learn about the possibilities of arranging information on slides, animations and transitions between them. We also learn new presentation concepts such as Zoom and Smooth change, which allows you to achieve an effect similar to Prezi.


In addition, participants will check how to apply contrast, flow, hierarchy,

unity, closeness and spacing to convey information and create between

them relationship. They will discover the importance of structure, style and consistency of the presentation in turn.

Participants will learn how to transform information into an effective tool

communication, illustrating statistics, charts, texts, complicated information

clearly and clearly.


Techniques will be presented to help you choose the right tools

to work, emphasize what is important, and keep the presentation simple.






Who is the advanced training for PowerPoint for?


If you're wondering if our advanced PowerPoint courses are right for you, then you should first ask yourself three questions:


  • Do you know the basics of PowerPoint and can you prepare simple presentations?

  • Do you feel that something can be done faster and nicer but something is missing?

  • Do you want to make the presentation look clearer and clearer to the recipients?


If the answer to all of them is "yes", then certainly our PowerPoint courses will be very interesting and inspiring for you! Importantly, the training itself lasts only eight hours, which makes it highly condensed. During the whole day of the workshop you will be able to actively participate in a number of tasks and exercises that are aimed at better understanding the methods and ways of designing the entire presentation. At the same time, we will try to help each participant in the use of the visual sense, which is necessary to effectively convey their own thoughts and ideas using slides. A large part of our advanced PowerPoint training will also be devoted to the most important principles of creating subsequent elements of the presentation and the most common mistakes made by inexperienced users. The effect of our course will be multidirectional development of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the preparation of PowerPoint presentations. We invite you to sign up!



PowerPoint training - Why order?


Our main activity is designing presentations on behalf of clients. We make approx. 100 presentations a year for clients from various industries and for various occasions, which is why the knowledge we transfer is 100% tested and used every day in our studio.

The training lasts 1 day / 8 hours


We assume 3 breaks during training: two short coffee breaks and one longer for lunch.



Computer: Each participant comes with his own computer

The training can be carried out for users of different versions of PowerPoint, but ideally when participants have the latest version of PowerPoint, i.e. the 2019 or 365 version, which makes the work much easier compared to previous versions.




Training place: Pankiewicz Training Center, 56 Wspólna St., Warsaw


BONUS: Each training participant receives a package of training materials, which includes a unique template with 150 slides and which have advanced animations!



Applications should be sent via e-mail: or using the form below:









Registration for training

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